KinoConsole Android Setup

KinoConsole allows you to play your favourite PC games anywhere, anytime. Latest games like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Diablo III, Sims, Civilization V and X-COM are now playable on your Android phone or tablet. KinoConsole works by streaming video games from your PC, phone is used to display game video stream and to send controls to game.


Before you can start playing a simple one-time setup is needed. Please read the instructions below carefully.

PC setup

To start playing games download and install KinoniConsole Server from to your PC. During installation remember to install optional 'Gaming extension', this allows KinoConsole to emulate Xbox controller.

During installation you will be displayed a dialog as shown below. Enter a password for remote access and memorise it. Also write down computer IP address, you will need them when connecting to PC outside local network. You can also sign in to Google Account on both Windows and Android device to enable playing over internet.

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After entering your PC password please click on 'Quick Launch'-tab. You will be shown list of games available to play with KinoConsole. At first launch the list is empty. If you are using Steam platform you can easily add games by clicking ‘Add Steam library’ button. To manually add games click ‘Browse..’-button add select game executable-file. You can also remove games from list using 'Delete'-button or temporarily disable them by unchecking 'Enabled'-column. After adding games your list should be populated with games on shown below. To save changes close the dialog with 'OK'-button.

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Android app setup

You can now launch KinoConsole-application on your Android phone or tablet. If you are connected to same local network as your PC list of available games with icons and names will be shown automatically on screen. To play over internet you need to sign in to your Google account. You can now browse games and choose one by clicking.

Android games

Server will now automatically launch the game and you can start playing. Please notice that launching a game can take a long time on PC.

External game controller support

KinoConsole supports playing games using external gamepad. If you are using Bluetooth gamepad first pair controller to phone as explained in controller instructions. Then make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your Android device and game controller is switched on. After launching KinoConsole it will now automatically connect to controller. Also make sure you installed 'Gaming extension' with server application. To avoid wireless interference use 5 GHz WiFi network if possible when using Bluetooth controller.


Here you can find answer to most common issues.

Video has black bars on both sides

Make sure game window aspect ratio matches phone aspect ratio.

Can not connect outside local network

Sign in to your Google account on both phone and Windows. Google account connection works for 80% of routers, so connection may still be unavailable. For manual connection you can set up port forwarding in your router for TCP port 5051. Port forwarding details depend on your router manufacturer and type, please study the manual shipped with your router.

Many public WiFi network only allow HTTP and e-mail traffic. You should try using another network.

Firewall issues

If you are using third party firewall application you need to manually allow inbound traffic to TCP port 5051.

Wrong IP address

Typically your computer's public IP address is dynamic and can change anytime. If you are unable to connect to server please check that you are using correct IP address. You can also use services to use fixed host name avoiding changing addresses. Using Google account login solves this problem.

Poor video quality

Application requires good WiFi connection to work properly. Try moving closer to your wireless router. If possible use 5 GHz wireless network and disable Bluetooth, Bluetooth devices do interfere with WiFi signal.