KinoConsole iOS Setup Guide

KinoConsole allows you to play your favourite PC games anywhere, anytime. Latest games like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Diablo III, Sims, Civilization V and X-COM are now playable on your iPhone and iPad. KinoConsole works by streaming video games from your PC, phone is used to display game video stream and to send controls to game.

PC Setup

Before launching iOS app please make sure you have downloaded and installed latest KinoConsole PC server application to your PC. Detailed instructions on PC server setup can be found on KinoConsole PC Setup Guide.

iOS app setup

Please make sure you are connected to same WiFi network as your PC. After launching iOS app list of available games with icons and names will be shown automatically on screen. You can now browse games and choose one by clicking the icon.

Server will now automatically launch the game and you can start playing. Please notice that launching a game can take a while on PC.

KinoConsole iOS

Accessing menu

While connected to PC you can access menu by swiping a finger from left screen edge. You will see the menu as shown in image below.

KinoConsole iOS

First menu item is mouse mode. Mouse mode defines how touchscreen events are mapped to mouse events on PC. First mode can be used for dragging items by using a finger and second mode for other types of games.

Second menu item displays onscreen keyboard as shown below as shown below.

KinoConsole iOS

Third menu item allows editing onscreen controls. To add a new control tap and hold on desired location on screen. A context menu will appear as shown below. You can now choose what control to add.

KinoConsole iOS

To remove or resize existing control tap and hold on that control. A context menu will appear as shown below. Choose arrow icon to resize a control or to change its opacity. Resize is done by pinching and opacity adjusted by two finger rotational gesture. If you want to remove a control choose cross icon.

KinoConsole iOS

External game controller support

KinoConsole supports playing games using external gamepad. Make sure you installed 'Gaming extension' with server application. To avoid wireless interference pleae use 5 GHz WiFi network if possible when using Bluetooth controller. For best performance you should connect wireless control before starting KinoConsole app as wireless controller discovery can affect network performance.


Here you can find answer to most common issues.

Video is all black

Capturing fullscreen graphics does not work for all games at the moment. While we are working on this, try streaming games in windowed mode.

Video has black bars on both sides

Make sure game window aspect ratio matches phone aspect ratio.

Firewall issues

If you are using third party firewall application you need to manually allow inbound traffic to TCP port 5051.

Poor video quality

Application requires good WiFi connection to work properly. Try moving closer to your wireless router. If possible use 5 GHz wireless network and disable Bluetooth, Bluetooth devices do interfere with WiFi signal.