KinoConsole PC Setup Guide

KinoConsole allows you to play your favourite PC games anywhere, anytime. Latest games like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Diablo III, Sims, Civilization V and X-COM are now playable on your smartphone and tablet. KinoConsole works by streaming video games from your PC, mobile device is used to display game video stream and to send controls to game.

Before you can start playing a simple one-time setup on your PC is needed. Please read the instructions below carefully.

To start playing games download and install KinoniConsole Server from to your PC. During installation remember to install optional 'Gaming extension' to enable XBox controller emulation and play games with gamepad support.

Connection settings

During installation you will be displayed a dialog as shown below. Enter a password for remote access and memorise it. Also write down computer IP address, you will need it when connecting to PC outside local network without Google login. You can also sign in to Google Account on both Windows and Android device to enable playing over internet. Google login will be also added to iOS version soon.

KinoConsole connection

Adding games

After entering your PC password please click on 'Quick Launch'-tab. You will be shown list of games available to play with KinoConsole. At first launch the list is empty. If you are using Steam platform you can easily add games by clicking ‘Scan Installed games’ button. To manually add games click ‘Browse..’-button add select game executable-file. You can also remove games from list using 'Delete'-button or temporarily disable them by unchecking 'Enabled'-column. After adding games your list should be populated with games on shown below.

KinoConsole games list

Advanced settings

Advanced settings tab can be useful if you experience problems using KinoConsole application. For most users it is not necessary to alter these settings. If you can not hear audio on your mobile device please try changing audio device setting. It should match your current active audio device you are using to play PC audio. You can also mute PC audio when KinoConsole client is connected.

If you are using XBox controller to play games on your PC you may need se change Xbox controller emulation mode. To support playing Xbox controller enabled games remotely KinoConsole installs a virtual Xbox controller. This means your PC sees an additional Xbox controller attached. If you are also using "real" XBox controller to play PC games your PC will now see two separate devices. Some games only support one Xbox controller and if they choose reading KinoConsole virtual controller inputs playing game with "real" controller may not work. To avoid this you can change Xbox controller emulation mode to 'XBox controller emulation enabled while client connected' or if you are not playing XBox controller enabled disable it completely.

KinoConsole games list

Client setup

Your PC should be now set up for playing using KinoConsole. Please also check setup for client based on your platform:

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Android setup guide

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